Explore the Winter Wonderland of Acadia

During the winter months, snowshoeing in Acadia National Park and on Mount Desert Island is an absolute highlight of any trip. In the past decade, snowshoes have become lighter and easier to use than ever – made with aircraft-grade aluminum and bindings that allow them to fit comfortably over ordinary winter boots. All you need is a little patience when you get started and a moderate level of fitness. Snowshoeing is an excellent activity for park visitors all ages.
Many hiking trails are appropriate for snowshoeing in Acadia National Park, depending on your skill and fitness level. Many people will opt to snowshoe on the carriage roads, which are also groomed for cross country skiing. Grooming packs down the snow on the trails and makes for easier going. Be sure to check the trail conditions here. And please do not walk over the cross country ski tracks with your snowshoes!
Snowshoeing in Acadia National Park