Making the Best of a Rainy Day on Mount Desert Island

Your visit to Mount Desert Island is finally here, and you can’t wait to get out and explore; to see all of the park’s natural wonders . . .but the forecast calls for some rain. While good for keeping the forests hydrated and healthy, wet days on the island can leave visitors wondering what to do until the sun comes back out.  It’s not uncommon for the weather to change frequently in Maine, especially in the summer.
Surprise rain showers or fog can pop up at any given time, but fear not; your trip is far from ruined. There are still plenty of opportunities for fun things to do and see while those storms pass over. Acadia National Park is known for its outdoor adventures, but there are plenty of family friendly rainy day activities on Mount Desert Island when it’s sprinkling outside.
Northeast Harbor Library

Northeast Harbor Library

The Northeast Harbor Library currently serves as both the public library for the Town of Mount Desert and the school library for Mount Desert Elementary School.