Thrive Juice Bar and Kitchen is a small, owner-operated business located on the coast of Maine. Our cozy shop sits on scenic Mount Desert Island (MDI), home to Acadia National Park, in the center of bustling downtown Bar Harbor.

Thrive is owned in partnership by three like-minded individuals, Jena Young, Jeff Young, and Megan Williams. All three are busy, hard-working MDI residents who value a health-conscious lifestyle and the notion of eating well to feel well (or even great!). Over time, Jena, Jeff and Megan have together realized both the health food and quick service markets seemed underserved in the Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island area. This realization, along with their shared passion for food and nutrition, sparked an interest in filling this gap.

Personal experience and conversations with community members confirmed for the Thrive partners that this type of establishment would appeal to both health conscious hard-working locals and active out-of-town outdoor enthusiasts. Jena, Jeff, and Megan hope Thrive will also appeal to those who want to make a health shift in their lives but need the guidance and ease that this business will provide to do so.

We here at Thrive look forward to helping others begin and sustain their own path towards whole health. We believe healthy food has the power to change your life, and that it can be absolutely delicious. Let us show you how.

Category: Restaurant

Region: Bar Harbor

47 Rodick Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609