Sieur de Monts Spring

The spring, in Acadia National Park at the northeast base of Dorr Mountain, takes its name from Pierre Dugua, an early 17th-century French explorer who dubbed himself ‘lord of the mountains.’ Commissioned by King Henry IV in 1603, Dugua was sent to the New World with authority over the part of North America that extends from what is now Philadelphia to Montreal.
Sieur de Monts Spring was a favorite location of George Dorr’s, the first superintendent of Acadia who built a springhouse there in 1909 and had the words ‘Sweet Waters of Acadia’ carved into a large rock. (In the modern way of things, the water is not safe to drink today.)
The Sieur de Monts area is home to the Wild Gardens of Acadia, many hiking and walking trails, and an Acadia National Park nature center. It also is the original site of the Abbe Museum.