Preserving History. Honoring Today.

The Islesford Historical Museum has celebrated the rich history of the Cranberry Isles since 1927.
In the summer of 2019, visitors will be able to experience three exhibits at the museum:
Town of Cranberry Isles answers many frequently asked questions and offers a glimpse into the lives of the people for whom the Town of Cranberry Isles is home.
Thank You, Captain! explores a time when the Cranberry Isles transitioned from an independent farming, fishing, and shipping community, to one increasingly reliant on the seasonal arrival of summer people.
And new in 2019, Risk and Reward: Cranberry Isles Captains Seek Their Fortunes on the Open Seas takes visitors back to the Cranberry Isles during the Golden Age of Sail, sharing stories of the commercial fishing and shipping that shaped the culture and economy of the region for more than a century.
For more information, visit the Islesford Historical Museum Website.
Main Street
Islesford, Maine 04646
Open June – September
Free, but donations are always appreciated