Communities Are Empowered When They Set
Visionary Goals and Rally to Achieve Those Goals.

A Climate to Thrive seeks to achieve energy independence for Mount Desert Island by 2030. Decentralized, local, renewable energy solutions will reduce pollution, create new businesses, generate year-round jobs that pay a living wage, and bring the community together around the shared goal of preserving our environment.
A Climate to Thrive is bringing all four MDI towns together and making the island an epicenter of citizen engagement, environmental sustainability, and economic vitality. ACTT is making MDI a model in these respects, showing other communities across Maine, New England, and nationally that these actions simultaneously enhance economic well-being and quality of life.
A Climate to Thrive is an initiative of and for the communities of Mount Desert Island.
Learn more about how to get involved at the A Climate to Thrive Website.
Projects include:
  • Alternative Energy
  • Sustainable MDI Pledge
  • Solarize MDI
  • Weatherize MDI
  • Downeast Electric Vehicle Guide
  • Building Efficiency
  • Food Systems
  • Public Policy
  • Transportation
  • Zero Waste