Mile After Mile of Peace & Tranquility

Looking for current ski conditions?
Check out the grooming status at Friends of Acadia’s Winter Trails Association.

Forty-five miles (72 km) of carriage roads in the park offer the perfect setting for cross country skiing in Acadia National ParkSnowshoeing is also available on the trails. Ski tracks are sometimes laid down by volunteers on sections of the carriage roads when snowfall exceeds four inches (10 cm); nearly 32 miles (51 km) are designated for grooming when conditions and time permit.
One of our favorite loops is the loop around Witch Hole Pond (labeled North of Eagle Lake on the map). If the snowfall is adequate and grooming has been completed, you can extend this loop by heading towards Eagle Lake and then Aunt Betty Pond/7 Bridges.
The Amphitheater Loop near Northeast Harbor is another truly spectacular ski, which can also be made longer by skiing the Around the Mountain Upper and/or Lower Loop.
You may also explore cross country skiing in Acadia National Park on unplowed park roads. Be careful, as snowmobiles are also permitted to use most of these unplowed park roads. Skiing on hiking trails is not recommended because of the uneven and steep nature of trails, ice falls blocking the path, and trail routes obscured by snow.
Ski equipment and rentals are available in local communities of Mount Desert Island.
Some areas may not be groomed. Please visit Friends of Acadia’s updated grooming conditions.
Cross Country Skiing in Acadia National Park
Cross Country Skiing in Acadia National Park